incorporates advanced functionalities in an easy to learn and use application. Some of the advanced features are as follows:

Users & Permissions

•  Unlimited number of users per case

•  Role based permissions

•  Guest permissions by individual user or group

•  Guest permission on the folder, subfolder, and/or document level.

Review Tools

•  Ability to flag documents, customize flags, and search flags

•  Ability to add notes to documents & search notes

•  Ability to mark documents as reviewed

•  Ability to copy important documents into KeyDocs

Searching Capabilities

•  Full Text Searching with hit highlighting

•  Advanced Searching - Boolean

•  Field Searching

•  Text Searches within particular folder or subfolders

•  Text Searches within Notes

•  Save Searches

•  Export Search Results

Scanning & Uploading

•  Scan directly into - No software needed (with OCR)

•  Scan directly into particular folders or subfolders

•  Single File Upload (with OCR)

•  Multiple File Upload (with OCR)

•  Conversion to PDF or Native File Upload

•  Upload Log with email verification


•  Create your own customized directory tree

•  Drag and Drop sorting of files

•  Multiple File drop into a folder

•  Single File drop into multiple folders

•  Move or copy folders or subfolders to a specified location

Batch Printing

•  Ability to select multiple files for batch printing. Cover pages are generated with field information.


•  Customize Fields

•  Unlimited Number of Fields